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Upgrade underway.

Upgrade underway.

This week brought some much needed changes to Fedora, as our brilliant Websites and Infrastructure teams rolled out the new Fedora Account System 2 (FAS2). It means a shinier, more intuitive process for people to join Fedora. Our sysadmins seem to make a dangerous habit of always exceeding expectations!

But it’s not just shinier, it’s also going to be easier. Right now, the CLA process on FAS2 is in flux, because we just got word that GPG signatures are not required for the CLA. What that means for contributors is that they’ll be able to sign up by filling out a short web form only.

Soon we hope to tie all of this together in a bow with the wiki so that contributors who just want to write content there can quickly create a Fedora account to reflect their involvement, without a lot of hassle. The Websites team will be looking at doing this in concert with the other wiki rollout tasks.

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