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Wenn man sich in Rom.

Wenn man sich in Rom.

I am really looking forward to my trip to Berlin in May for LinuxTag 2008. I’ll get to meet a lot of the Fedora Ambassadors from Europe who make up such a thriving part of our community, to see Europe’s biggest Linux trade show, and (hopefully) to realize how little I remember of my high school and university German classes.

I got a chance to talk briefly today on IRC with one of our German contributors and subject him to some of the awful (and probably second-grade, or “zweiter Klasse”) German I remember…

Gabi, es klingelt! Geh doch mal ran!
Mein Deutsch ist schrecklich.
Diese Kleider sind sehr chic!

And most importantly,

Helfen Sie mir, ich bin ein Dummkopf.

That one will come in REALLY HANDY.


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