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FUDCon lodging.

FUDCon lodging.

Having the North American FUDCon for F10 colocated with the Red Hat Summit in Boston has a number of great benefits that go along with it — lots of enterprise, SMB, and individuals gathered in one place for open source content; plenty of space for workgroups to form around discussing innovative ideas, or to hack on some long-standing issues; getting new blood interested in the Fedora Project and our commitment to freedom and openness at every level; and of course, the opportunity for all of us to renew bonds from every point in the community.

Along with that, there’s always a couple logistical issues to solve. One of those is hotel accommodations. As the co-organizers, the illustrious Max Spevack and I are trying to get a handle on our true hotel needs for the event. To that end, I’ve made a couple changes to the FUDCon planning page so we can gather information on who needs lodging for the show.

PLEASE visit that page and add your information to the table of attendees. We’re asking who’s attending the Summit as a customer so we can weigh the logistics of using “shoulder dates”* at the Red Hat Summit-affiliated hotels to house our FUDCon attendees. There are a number of factors to consider, including but not limited to cost and convenience to the FUDCon location.

* For people who don’t know, “shoulder dates” are dates surrounding a booked event, for which the hotel guarantees rooms at the event rate. Because of the business being brought in by the Summit, the hotel will offer the much lower Summit rates for up to three nights around the conference for people who extend their stays.