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Give ’til it feels good.

Give ’til it feels good.

I saw Michael Tiemann’s blog entry and it took me about a half a second to pitch in a donation to the Libre Graphics Meeting 2008. The people working on libre art are the same people who give freely of their time and energy to make everything you use in Fedora (and lots of other open source communities) look great. So why not thank them with a donation that will get some of them to a great conference where they can collaborate on even better tools and art?

Think about ditching that $4+ coffee for a day or two, and give that money to a worthy cause. Even if it’s not coffee, there’s always someplace to dig up some spare change. Can’t afford it by yourself? What about a group donation from your local LUG or other community association? It’ll give you a warm glow, guaranteed, and every little bit helps!

For those of you who are sticklers, the GNOME Foundation is taking care of the money-moving, and it’s tax deductible.