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Flushing the pipes.

Flushing the pipes.

It’s true, we had some problems with permission bits and rsync last night with the release candidate, which has resulted in some incomplete leaky mirrors. Users who try these mirrors may find that they don’t get what they’re bargaining for, because of missing bits. (Not to mention which, everything’s still subject to change until the 13th in case of fire or flood.) We’re really happy everyone is so excited about Fedora 9, but please don’t encourage silly fanboy behavior that might result in someone having a bad experience with Fedora. We want to make sure people thoroughly enjoy installing and using the distribution we all know and love so much!

(Thanks to the folks who alerted us to the problem.)

UPDATE: Our trusty release engineers tell me the leaked bits were not the final bits. If you hold on to any bits until May 13th, you can probably use jigdo to update them to the true final release bits.

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