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Evie’s story corner, No. 1.

Evie’s story corner, No. 1.

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The Hero, by Evelyn (age 7)

Once upon a time, when Nature was wild beyond rights, there was a young man who took a dare to go into the woods alone for 30 days. Yes, it was a terrible dare to take in those days, but he took it, never knowing what dangers and adventures he would face. So when the day came for departure, he went into the woods with a smile on his face. The people were far too busy worrying to notice his waving hand dissapear into the woods. Yes, he stayed there for the 30 days, he encountered many dangers, like the abyss, the vultures, and the crocodile. And there were his adventures. There was the shark adventure, the turtle adventure, and the ghost adventure. At the end of the 30 days, he was famous. He was known worldwide. Known as “The Most Famous Man In The World,” people came from far and wide just to hear the story. And he told the story to everyone.



  1. Darya

    Wow, Evie!

    I love your story!

    I really liked the part where “the people were too busy worrying to notice his waving hand disappear into the woods.”
    Fantastic imagry!

    Were those people adults, by any chance? We worry too much sometimes…

    You are a very talented writer, Evie–Not unlike your parents!
    Maybe you’ll be the Frields that becomes the famous author!

    Well done!



  2. Mr. Craver

    Dear Evelyn,

    I like your story very much. First, I read it to Jack, and then I read it to Jenny. I like it because you seem to know something about what happened a long time ago, and also because it reminds me of other stories and poems about the woods, and how dangerous they can be. I hope that you will write many more stories. I’ll see you soon.

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