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Never could have got this far.

Never could have got this far.

I have other blog entries I need to make, but I feel driven to tell the Fedora community a Nice Thing About Max.

Max sent me home from Raleigh a few weeks ago with a bunch of toys for my kids. (Long story, but let’s just say no one should ever try to compete with Max’s Star Wars action figure collection.)

It was a week or so before my kids had actually been well-behaved for enough consecutive time to actually get their gifts. Once they got them, of course I tasked Evie with writing a thank-you note to Max for the gifts.

A week later, an envelope showed up in our mailbox from Max at Red Hat, addressed to my kids. Inside were a couple of Fedora stickers and a note for Evie and Ethan, telling them how he always loved Star Wars when he was a kid, too. He also thanked them for letting me come visit him in Raleigh to help him with all the work there was to do.

So there you go, another tale of one of FOSS’s truly class acts. Bravo Mr. Spevack!


  1. Max

    Actually, Paul, you did me the favor, since I was trying to get rid of all of that stuff before I moved!

    And it’s not so much *my* Star Wars action figure collect, but rather my potential to acquire Star Wars action figures at any given moment. 😉

    Still, thanks for the nice blog post.

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