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Lightning strikes FUDCon?

Lightning strikes FUDCon?

Luke Macken, Fedora hacker extraordinaire, made an interesting suggestion to me the other day: How about having lightning talks like at PyCon 2008?

I think it’s a great idea. We could hold a number of talks in five-minute slots for some length of time on Thursday night, after the hackfest is over — say, starting at 6:00 p.m. The topics can be, well, really anything, although it would be awesome if most of the talks were Linux or Fedora related.

I’ve updated the FUDCon wiki page to add the talks to the Thursday proceedings. I’d encourage people to sign up if they way, but it’s not required that you be on the list to give a talk. But being on the list is a great way to advertise your talk to FUDCon and Summit attendees!

By the way, we have sent out our sponsorship information to people whom we can fund for travel and attendance. Everyone else who’s attending should be making their hotel reservations using the reservation link on the wiki page. Remember to indicate whether or not you need to, or plan to, room with someone — or can offer space for someone in any way.


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