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Elections loom.

Elections loom.

Elections for the Fedora Board are set to commence on Friday, June 13th. The nominees have been recorded on the wiki page for nominations and all that remains is for the community to vote. The voting period will extend from 0001 UTC on 13 June until 2359 UTC on 22 June.

Note that you do not have to cast a vote blindly — you can feel free to ask questions of the candidates. Email them, or feel free to ask your questions on a list they frequent, such as the fedora-advisory-board list.

I’d like everyone voting to remember that this isn’t a popularity contest, or a reward system. Think about how you’d like to Board to look when you vote, the same way you think about how you’d like any government body to look when you cast votes for their elections. We have a lot of worthy candidates on this list, and you should pick the ones that you feel will best represent you in advancing the Fedora Project.

I’d like to thank everyone who threw their name into the ring, as well as Nigel Jones, who’s revamped and tested our new election software. Bravo!


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