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Talk, talk, it’s only talk.

Talk, talk, it’s only talk.

Looking at the FUDCon page on the wiki, I think we could use a few more talk proposals for the Saturday BarCamp. I’m sure there are people out there who are simply going to make their proposals on Saturday morning, but it helps us generate excitement if you put your subject matter up in advance. Your talk might also end up being the tipping point for someone sitting on the fence about attending.

If you’re on the fence about giving a talk, please don’t be shy. Whatever you’d like to discuss is likely to be of interest to some of the attendees — we’ve had everything from in-depth kernel talks, to how to evangelize Fedora, to making and broadcasting freely licensed music. We already have a number of very interesting talks announced in advance, including the new Fedora Nightlife community grid, Func, and the future of the Fedora Account System 2.

We’d love to see your talk on this list too. So sign up today!

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