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Git ‘er done, sort of.

Git ‘er done, sort of.

I had an hour or two free this afternoon while we wait for a babysitter to arrive — I’m taking my wife to see the new Indiana Jones film. Grownup night out, woohoo! So I decided to play around a little with git-cvsimport. Naturally, right?

The Docs team is looking at moving our documentation into indvidual hosted projects, and of course I’m advocating git for the repos. When I tried the command, it worked pretty nicely, but I discovered there’s a -A switch that allows you to declare an authors file for converting the CVS-stored UNIX user names into the more complete information git usually stores, including a human name and email.

So I was able to use Toshio’s awesome Fedora Python modules to whip up a script to do exactly that. It took — in my typical fashion — about 5 minutes to actually write, and 30 minutes to clean up into something I wasn’t completely embarrassed by. The results are here.


  1. P – I searched your site for “python” and this was all that came up. I’m doing a project for a class (Systems Development) and need to pick an easy language to code in. First one that came to mind was Python, even though I’ve never used it. I’ve exp with C, C++, Visual Basic, and of course shell scripting. I’ve always wanted to use Python, so this may force me. Reqs:

    – Easy, intuitve
    – Interface with an Oracle DB
    – Need a graphical front-end

    The project is designing and building an information system for a small regional public library.

    Will Python suffice and if so, any pointers on where to start (save for!).


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