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Summit Day 1, FUDCon Day 0.

Summit Day 1, FUDCon Day 0.

With many thanks to Jon Stanley (injured but not out for the season) for use of his EVDO card — worked like a champ in Fedora 9, no tweaking required.

Today my work consisted of:

  • Attending an hour of the opening keynotes for the Red Hat Summit
  • Meeting one on one with some ISVs and Red Hat partners to talk about how tomorrow’s hackfest discussions on ISVs and EPEL will be a can’t miss opportunity
  • Discussed some excellent upcoming European show opportunities for Fedora
  • Had an interview with three journalists from Japan
  • Ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, setting up additional logistics for Thursday FUDCon opening
  • Ran a campground session on LiveUSB with Jesse Keating
  • Helped man Fedora table for a couple of hours, making Live USBs and telling people about FUDCon
  • Capped everything off by meeting superstars Ian Weller and Stephen Smoogen, over an exceptional seafood dinner (a basil yellowfin tuna over beets that was worthy of tears of joy).

Tomorrow is FUDCon Day 1! Should be very exciting, and I do hope I’ll have time to blog something during the day, although it’s a cautious hope.