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Market hard.

Market hard.

Tomorrow is the BarCamp, my favorite part of the whole FUDCon experience. It’s the ultimate “un-conference,” where the sessions are dialogues and not monologues, and the audience has as much to teach as the speakers.

Because FUDCon is free and open to everyone, we hope to have a big bump in attendance from people who couldn’t come over to the Summit during the work week and are excited about the weekend session. We’ll gather at 9:00 a.m. sharp at Boston University’s Photonics Center, and kick things off with a very brief explanation of the proceedings.

Then anyone who wants to talk — about anything — is allowed to pitch a session in 30 seconds or less. After all the pitches, the audience adjourns to the lobby where they proceed to mark their attendance in tallies on the sessions they feel are interesting. The organizers and speakers watch the progress and negotiate the schedule in a way that makes sense.

At the end of the process, and in under an hour, we have a day long conference of several dozen sessions that are an incredibly fascinating mix of topics for everyone. People are encouraged to attend as many talks as they want, even if that means going from talk to talk while sessions are ongoing (“grazing”).

The result is one of the best days you’ll spend in an open source community. We hope you’ll join us for the fun tomorrow!