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Email folders, years delayed.

Email folders, years delayed.

I’m still working out better organizational methods for my email.

I tend to keep copies of publicly archived mailing lists. I do a lot of server-side filtering, and all my lists get filed into folders away from my Inbox. My Inbox only contains things sent directly to me.

I have several IMAP accounts, and I hated having to jump around to find my new messages everywhere. I usually end up with some folders gathering dust because I demote them mentally before ever trying to handle the email in them.

So I used Evolution to set up some search folders for more efficiency:

New Mail – Simple: any mail in any account that hasn’t been read. All in one place where I can whip through it quickly.

Priority New Mail – Anything in the “New Mail” search folder that’s actually from an Inbox folder (i.e. directly to me).

VIP New Mail – Anything in “Priority New Mail” search folder that’s from a specific list of VIPs.

I’ve cut my mail processing time in half just from avoiding all the client navigation (clicking folders, getting distracted, etc.). And no, this isn’t rocket science. But since this is my first job where email is so vitally important, I’m a little late off the blocks. Nevertheless, it’s working for me, and I’m finding new and more useful ways to use these features.

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