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I got my results from yesterday’s RHCE exam, and I passed, so I’m now RHCE recertified for RHEL 5!

I aced the troubleshooting section, which was cool, but I had hoped to do the same with the installation and configuration section and didn’t quite manage that. I suppose it would have helped had I not been trying to spend the majority of class time working on $DAYJOB stuff. ? But I knew when I walked out of the exam where I was weak, so I have the ability to bone up on that material when I have time.

Oh wait, time. Heh.

Today I’m headed out to beautiful downtown Fredericksburg on what’s supposed to be a perfectly beautiful day, to celebrate Software Freedom Day 2008! SFD 2008 is a worldwide event and I decided it would be awful not to have festivities here where I live. The local paper printed a big article about SFD, free software, and me in last Saturday’s paper, so I’m hoping that will bring more people out.

We have fun giveaways, including some nice schwag like computer bags, buttons, stickers, and of course, plenty of free software CDs and DVDs for everyone. Should be a fun time! Time to get all the gear in order and head out.


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