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Fedora at Ohio Linux Fest, Day 0.

Fedora at Ohio Linux Fest, Day 0.

All my travel on Friday went smoothly — the only troublesome part at all was driving on the DC Beltway where even after 10:30 in the morning, traffic was stacked up around I-66 on my way to the Dulles Toll Road. This is a short trip, so once I got to the airport, with no bags to check, I whisked right to the gate and proceeded to enjoy the wirelessness Dulles provides its busy travelers. Hooray for git, because I did a little bit of work on some old Docs toolchain material — although in this case, “work” meant silly fiddling with how to get GNU make and rpm to cooperatively evaluate some specfile innards. I wasn’t airborne for more than 55 minutes, so the electronics-free periods of takeoff and landing left about four and a half minutes of actual work time.

When I arrived, I already had a voicemail from Jon Stanley, who was having lunch with Brian Pepple just a little ways from the airport. They offered to swing by and pick me up and I gladly accepted. We took a brief tour of the theater district in Columbus, which is quite nice, and I got to my hotel with a couple hours to kill — easy enough, since I needed to catch up on my email for the day.

Last night Daddy Shadowman bought dinner for a group of the North American Ambassadors who’ve come out to help represent Fedora at Ohio Linux Fest. We had a great time at Barley’s, the venue chosen by the event for the before-party. The food was great, the company more so — and the house beers were all extremely good too! I ran into Jono and talked with him a while about his travel schedule, the financial and real estate markets, and various biological clocks. Also, my friends James and Aaron from FredLUG made it too, fresh from the road from Virginia. Sweet!

This morning I’m meeting Jeffrey Tadlock to help with booth setup, and preparing to have a great day at the Ohio Linux Fest! I’m not sure what the wifi connectivity will be there — if I heard Brian right last night, possibly nonexistent — but I’ll post again when I can.