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FUDCon dates set.

FUDCon dates set.

January 9-11, 2009.

These are the dates when the North American Fedora community will gather in Boston, Massachusetts to host another in a long line of very successful, mostly self-organizing conferences where we gather to talk about hot new developments, assess and kick off work on the next release, and generally enjoy a weekend full of nuttin’ but Fedora.

I know folks have had a bit of a wait to get the final dates. We’re still getting the last kinks worked out of the exact location in the Boston area, but the dates are set in stone. Promise. One way or another, we will have FUDCon on these dates. Thanks for your patience while we remodel, and all that.

Please feel free to sign up on the wiki page in the meantime and make travel plans. We’ll have hotel and other location information finalized very soon. I am waiting on final word from MIT on space at their facilities, thanks to a little help from Mako and Walter Bender at Sugar Labs. Word on those facilities may not come for a couple weeks, but we have a backup plan if that falls through. Again, the dates are good to go.

You can also sign up on the wiki to lead or request a session or hackfest. I hope community members will take advantage of the meeting of so many open minds to teach, learn, and participate. Have a topic that’s near and dear to your heart? Code to show off? Ideas to bring to a brainstorming session? Come to Beantown and tell us all about it.

And of course FUDCon is, as always, free and open to everyone to attend. Hope to see you there in January!

By the way, I just noticed this is my (2^10 + 1)th post on my blog since I started it in 2002. Pretty cool.


  1. @COD: We’re hopfeully going to have FUDCon moving around a bit more in the future — we’ve had far too many of them in Boston IMHO. There’s lots of other interesting places to gather for these!

  2. --McD

    One could think of better places than Boston in January! Of course, if you’re north of the Mason-Dixon line, any travel that time of year is a gamble.

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