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Grab bag of goodies.

Grab bag of goodies.

Preview Release.

First, the goodiest of the goodies: Fedora 10 Preview Release is out today. Grab a torrent and start seeding the love! (Don’t forget to add vga=0x317 or the like to your GRUB to see the hot new Plymouth feature at work.)

Update: Jeremy tells me that this is not the best way to get Plymouth hawtness. So far I’ve tried this on my Dell XPS m1330 with Intel graphics and an older desktop with an nVidia of some sort in it (no funky proprietary crap installed). I get the nice screen and no hangs, but apparently this is not recommended for everyone. Be warned!

Info released.

FUDCon hotel information is now on the wiki. You can make reservations between now and December 19th for the FUDCon that happens January 9-11, 2009 in Boston. Please remember to sign up, too, so we know you’re coming. And if you can, let us know your shirt size and whether you’d prefer vegetarian fare for the lunch we’ll hopefully be providing on Saturday.

Release the beasts.

Finally, there’s all the delightful goodies the kids picked up for Halloween. One of the funniest things that happened in last week’s paper — aside from the election coverage, between sobbing fits that is — was the section-front-page story one day on how Halloween should promote healthy snacking, followed by another section-front-page story the next day about how Halloween was all about the candy. Evie went as a devil girl, which honestly didn’t take a lot of work to pull off, although Eleya did make her a set of spangly red horns to make it more obvious to people who don’t live with her. Ethan went as Boba Fett, albeit one who wanted Devil Girl to carry his helmet around for him, presumably so he could keep an eye out for additional non-candy bounty.

We had a fun night that involved lots of glow sticks, a haunted house at a neighbor’s place up the street, and a part-time DJ two blocks over who had set up laser lights and the whole nine yards (Evie gave them a few warbling bars of “Say It Ain’t So,” which she learned from our Wii Rock Band game). Good times!

Don’t forget to vote, America, unless you’re woefully uninformed, in which case please stay home. Tomorrow let’s start countdown to Election 2010! ?

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  1. Using vga= really doesn’t give you the full user-experience of modesetting/plymouth, though and may also lead to various problems such as hangs in X, problems with suspend/resume, etc.

    So I don’t know that it’s necessarily something I’d recommend

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