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Release notes status.

Release notes status.

The Docs team is continuing to work on getting the latest content into the Fedora Release Notes for our final release in a few weeks. Now that we have done our big XML conversion, requests for changes in the release notes need to be filed in Bugzilla.


Because it takes a lot longer to discover and synchronize changes from the wiki once we’ve done a conversion. Freely entered content gets harder to deal with since we have to take care of grammar, spelling, style, XML tagging, accuracy, and cross-referencing.

In other words, don’t edit the release notes beats on the wiki any further for Fedora 10.

When you enter the bug, feel free to write your change text directly into it, or describe what you need changed if that’s easier. We’ll take it from there.

If you’re at all intrepid and want to work directly in the XML, we’ve got the current content in a Fedora Hosted git repository.