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Plugging away.

Plugging away.

Reminder: The FUDCon wiki page is ready for sign-ups. We have hotel information ready for you as well, including a link to the hotel web site where you can use a special code for our discount rate. If you need an extra day on either side (or both), the hotel staff has told me they’ll be happy to honor the discount. They’ve set aside a few rooms in advance for longer stays for that purpose.

I’m working this week on refreshments, hopefully getting final word on the classroom space at MIT, and at the end of this week figuring out the roster of people we can fund for travel. Thanks to all those folks who’ve already agreed to double up, pool transportation, or otherwise cut costs for the trip. I’m going to do my best to bring as many folks in as possible.

Please make sure when you sign up on the wiki, you also mark shirt size, whether you prefer vegetarian, any special needs, and whether you’ve got a roommate picked out already.

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