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On the brink!

On the brink!

The excitement mounts — less than two hours to release of Fedora 10: Cambridge!

Last night I sent a thank-you message to our whole community for the work done on this important release. Today we can really kick up our feet for a few hours and celebrate the culmination of a lot of hard work. Kudos to everyone in the community for their effort!

Today I ask that we all do our part to make sure people know about the release and have the opportunity to try out all the innovative new features. And remember that your words can make a difference in helping someone get into the free software community and take the next step toward actual participation. Our four foundations of Freedom, Friends, Features, First all are interlocked — so being a Friend to those who are trying out FOSS is just as important as the other pillars.

All right, ’nuff said — rev those engines!