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FUDCon and gifting.

FUDCon and gifting.

I had a couple tidbits to pass along on the day after release, neither of which directly concerns Fedora 10 itself.

  • FUDCon classroom space has been confirmed at MIT. We’ll be taking up in the Sloan Building as predicted. We have plenty of classrooms reserved on the third floor and possibly some extras on the first just in case. I am told that there is plentiful wireless and no special account is needed; MIT is very used to this scenario and all our collaboration work can continue unabated there. Now is the time to get yourself signed up on the wiki if you haven’t already. If you haven’t heard from me about travel subsidy and were hoping to, please get in touch with me right away!
  • Taking a page from the Fedora playbook, openSuSE has changed its licensing to do away with a pesky EULA, and instead use free software-friendly terms based on the Fedora license agreement. Go read Zonker’s post for more information. This is a wonderful step for their distribution to take, and we’re glad we could help.
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