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Fedora 11 has a name!

Fedora 11 has a name!

And it’s Leonidas. Thanks to everyone for participating in the naming process.

As Jesse roared after the announcement, “This… is… FEDORAAAAAAA!”

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  1. StephenP

    I preupgraded from fc10 to fc11 on three machines. The two that had nvidia cards had the most problems. One had a problem with the default pulse audio erroneously set for the onboard SBLive card in addition to the video problem as well as ntp daemon being a regressive version in FC11. Much of this was resolved by uninstalling fc10 drivers that preupgrade had not switched over to the fc11 versions and then installing the latter. I would have thought that these problems would have been resolved before the final release. Once working – fc11 rocks! However, the default background Leonidas theme just makes me cringe. Really tacky – and looks worse with the kde login screen which was very cool in fc10. Looks like a bad faux finish job from the early 80s! And what the heck is that ghostly gremlin character in the lower right of the background? What were they thinking?

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