Linux, musical road-dogging, and daily life by Paul W. Frields
A bit of road dogging.

A bit of road dogging.

As Chuck Frain mentions on his blog, I’ll be travelling up to the Columbia Area Linux Users Group in Maryland in a couple weeks for an appearance, at which I’ll likely be talking about Fedora Remixes. The drive is always a bit bracing from the southern edge of the DC area suburbs to approximately the northern one, but should be well worth it. Plus, I have Pandora (ugh, Flash, sorry) to keep me company as well as my own tunes.


    1. My meaning can be taken as appropriate for my origin, in this case USA. When I read posts from people in the UK, I know what they mean when they use UK-isms like “snogging” or “shagged out.” These quirks are interesting and not to be feared.

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