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Nominally back on the air.

Nominally back on the air.

I got the bare minimum of service back online, including my weblog, from a catastrophic HDD failure yesterday. That really threw a monkey wrench into my workday, I’m sorry to say! But thanks to a couple wonderful people including James Laska and Aristeu Rozanski, I’m back in business. Over the next week I guess I’ll see if I can’t use the opportunity to wangle this into a better overall server setup during my scant free time.

Because it wasn’t until the server died that I realized its backups were not ending up where I thought they were (yikes!), I have to reconstruct some of my old posts. Thankfully, a little Python and Google’s cache will probably suffice, although unless the lazyweb surprises me with something that doesn’t require as much work on my part, I’ll probably end up losing a few months’ worth of comments, which is sad because they were often very enjoyable to read. Please don’t take it personally if you see yours is gone — lost, but not forgotten!

I hope our contributors at the various FADs this weekend are enjoying themselves, and I’m looking forward to the FAD in Raleigh in a week or so. That will be the start of an incredibly packed month. After I return from four days in Raleigh, I’ll be home for about a day and a half; then heading to SELF in Clemson, SC over a weekend; then home again for a couple days until I go to Open Source Bridge in Portland, OR for about four and a half days; then a redeye back home, where I’ll be home for a day and a half before jetting out to Berlin for over a week, for LinuxTag and FUDCon Berlin 2009.

Whew! By the time I’m home more or less for good, it will be June 29th and the month will have disappeared like a summer storm. July and August should be much less travel, thankfully. It’s only through the saintly patience of SupaWife that I can hope to come out of June 2009 alive and with all my various appendages intact. ?