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You better give me something to fill the hole.

You better give me something to fill the hole.

I had set aside so much of this weekend for catching up on work, but thanks to my server outage it ended up being devoted to data recovery and reconfiguration. However, it did remind me of three things that I often take for granted:

  1. Having an easy installer with just the right amount of customization available at the console, like Anaconda, sure makes life easier.
  2. Yum rocks.
  3. My wife has the patience of a saint.

I decided to throw in the towel after finally getting my weblog back up last night. Then I realized this morning that I also needed to be able to fax from that box, which meant making the winmodem FAILmodem work. And since that relies on some precompiled objects, it won’t work on a 64-bit OS. So I had to start over from scratch, more or less, and revert to a 32-bit OS.

I had some sort of weird router DNS configuration which Andreas Thienemann was kind enough to try and help me troubleshoot. In the end, I found a workaround and decided to come back to that later when I have time (ha!). In any case, thankfully the new replacement box is quite a bit faster than the old Athlon 1100 which was limping along before. So hopefully you’ll find this site a little more responsive, which is a nice side benefit.


  1. COD

    Ever thought of using a hosted fax server instead? I’ve had an account with maxemail for years. I simply scan the docs and email to and they get faxed. I can receive faxes that way too – as pdf documents. For $15 a year a lot easier than futzing around with modems.

    Or I imagine Red Hat may have a fax server online somewhere…

  2. A lot of what I fax is internal company stuff that I don’t want to send through an outside service. (Why not just email the stuff? It’s a long, sad story about business process gone horribly, horribly wrong.)

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