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Get your goggles on.

Get your goggles on.

Tomorrow is the day — Fedora 11 roars into action! Make sure that you fire up your BitTorrent client and seed for others; help to spread the love!

I want to take a moment to thank each and every person who supported this release — whether it was by writing code, filing a bug, triaging said bug, translating text, working with press, writing or editing the wiki and other docs, testing packages or releases, spreading media and message, organizing events or release parties, helping users, or any of the other activities that make Fedora an incredible and vibrant community.

Thank you for everything you do to make Fedora wonderful. We’re happy and lucky to have you with us on this journey. If you enjoy the release only a tenth as much as I enjoy working with all of you, I have no doubt this will be our most popular release yet.

See you on the tubez tomorrow!


  1. Aaron

    Paul, why does the .torrent file not get pre-uploaded prior to the switches being flipped for accessing the actual images?

    I would love to queue up the torrent ahead of time so as soon as a seed shows up I can start getting the shiny new Fedora and then leave it seeding for longer as well.

    1. @Aaron: We actually do pre-seed the torrents using mirrors so that when the release comes there are seeders ready to go. We also ask that people who are downloading leave their torrents seeding as long as they can.

  2. Aaron

    @Paul: Ah, so the torrent is being held back to release time to prepare a group of seeders as opposed to holding back the images but distributing the torrent in advance to build a large swarm of peers? I can understand that, I’d just prefer to have the torrent file already queued up for the release.

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