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“C” is not just for cookie.

“C” is not just for cookie.

“C” also stands for “Community.” Why bring this up now? Because along with Leonidas roaring to life this week, we also have some other great news to share with our (little-“c”) community members:

Take the tour, be a pro

Fedora Community – the new collaboration site for Fedora contributors! Fedora Community is powered by Moksha, a new, revolutionary, and 100% free software web framework that will deliver on the promise of a true infrastructure of participation.

As with all the code we build in the Fedora Project, Fedora Community is 100% free and open source software, from soup to nuts, with no proprietary bits, and no closed back ends. Because it’s built in part from best-of-breed free software solutions like Python, Turbogears, jQuery, ToscaWidgets, AMQP, and others, it provides an incredible amount of flexibility, power, and simplicity for anyone wanting to extend it.

Over the coming months, the brainshare behind Fedora Community will be showing our contributors how they can create new and exciting capabilities for the portal using Moksha. Even though the site currently focuses on software maintenance, in the future our community will be able to solve myriad problems with the tools it showcases. Translators, writers, designers, community organizers, system administrators — all of our groups of crafty contributors will be able to make use of the platform for real-time collaboration.

The site is not perfect yet, but it was important to everyone working on it to give the community a full experience of what the future has in store, as close to the F11 release as possible. And we can’t wait to see what our community does with it next!

I want to thank the Fedora Community team, John ‘J5’ Palmieri, Mairin Duffy, Tom ‘spot’ Callaway, and Luke Macken, for their tireless work on this new system, and for the innovation in the new Moksha framework, which has application far beyond Fedora Community (check out CIVX for a taste thereof). I also want to give special thanks to the intrepid and ever-vigilant Fedora Infrastructure team, which pulled out all the stops to get this site out — in the midst of record-breaking traffic due to the Fedora 11 release. You guys are the bee’s knees!

Do I sound excited? Oh yes, my friends. The infrastructure of participation has arrived — where it goes next is up to you.

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