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FUDCon Day 1.

FUDCon Day 1.

Lots of great conversations went on for Day 1, as others have written. Security team collaborating with release engineering, wireless hackers collaborating with each other, and lots of new people finding their way around to meet with other contributors as well. The hackfest started a little timidly, which surprised me seeing how many great engineering minds were here from various locations. But ultimately everything came together very well, culminating in an awesome BarCamp/unconference scramble at the end of the day.

The resulting BarCamp schedule is on the wiki for your enjoyment. I’m actually doing a talk myself on my new PulseCaster project. We’ll see how many show up to sink their teeth into hacking a simple tool that can be used to really jack up the human factor in contributor-focused communities like Fedora. That’s much easier accomplished in groups where less time is spent working on the really hard problems — because it’s easy to dismiss the plumbing underneath, the same way that people tend to be dismissive about those who fix the plumbing in their home. It’s a poor way to deal with fellow humans, and something I’d like to have a part in solving, even if it’s just a small part.

Things for me to remember (thus far) when I look back on this FUDCon:

* We need a dev-room at the FUDCon location that’s appropriate for boisterous conversation.
* Mo’ schwag, mo’ betta.
* Something need not be perfect to be truly great.
* I am in fact capable of staying within my allotted speaker time by planning ahead.
* A community photo should be a must at every event. Only half of our attendees made our photo, and it’s still frickin’ brilliant. When I look at it, it makes me smile, and I think you did too.

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  1. if we had twice as many people for the photo, that would be a real challenge to have everybody in the frame. challenges are interesting :p

    i talked in the morning a bit with Mo and Spot, it would be interesting to find a legal way to include such a photo in our planned picture book, but is really hard (impossible?) to get everybody signing release forms.

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