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Moblin in Fedora 12 pre-releases.

Moblin in Fedora 12 pre-releases.

Yes, you heard it right — among the other cool features in F12 Alpha, you can now take a look at Moblin directly in Fedora proper, regardless of your hardware platform.

To check it out, refer to this posting from Peter Robinson, ace maintainer from the Fedora Mini SIG (special interest group). If you’re running Fedora 12 Alpha or you’ve been keeping up with Rawhide, our bleeding-edge development branch, you’re in prime position to check it out.

As you’ll hear from quite a number of Fedora users (not to mention this guy) ? we have fairly good coverage of mini systems and netbooks in Fedora, but we’re always looking to improve. With Moblin software in Fedora proper, we have the chance to offer a very interesting derivative to people on sub-laptop equipment, and show the flexibility and functionality of free software. In the future it should be pretty easy to extend those offerings through a custom spin or other provision.

Nice work by Peter and the Mini SIG here. I’m off to try this out on a virtual machine right now, courtesy of our excellent virtualization support through KVM.