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Software Freedom Day ’09 on horizon.

Software Freedom Day ’09 on horizon.

Tomorrow I’ll be gearing up for Software Freedom Day here in my hometown, along with a bunch of dedicated friends from FredLUG.

We’re going to have balloons, a free raffle for some swank gear, and stickers, temporary tattoos and CDs and DVDs of Fedora. We’ll also have bunched of copies of the OpenCD, which is chock full of free and open source software for people who aren’t quite ready to make the jump away from proprietary operating systems, even with an alternative as cool and easy to use as Fedora.

Last night I was interviewed for the regional newspaper so I’m really looking forward to seeing how that came out. The writer’s a nice guy who’s done us a solid before, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to get in front of tens of thousands of readers. It would have been nice to be in the paper today but I still think it will haves major positive effect on our visitor numbers at the event.

And the weather is supposed to be beautiful… So I’m ready to do some free software promotion!


  1. yar matey, ye best be plannin’ to make them scurvey dogs who not be using free software to WALK THE PLANK on this day!!!!

    dont forget ye pirate obligations sailor or ol’ capt. kidd himself will be known to ye!


  2. Jug

    I had Absolute Linux in here and could do nothing with it. I tried to load Windows XP Pro over it ad that was not going to happen. I found Fedora 10 and it loaded. Can you tell me what is out there for my pc to be compatible with a lot of my Window supported toys. Like my camera’s and stuff? Are there any down loads to make this a HOT ROD PC? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. @Máirín: Yarrr, me and my crew yo-ho-ho’d with the best of ’em.

    @Jug: Most cameras and other equipment just works with Fedora. Both the digital cameras we have (Sony, I think) import pictures automatically when you connect them. And you don’t need anything special to make your system a hot-rod — using Fedora (and Linux in general) makes any PC a hot-rod by definition. 😉

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