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Tightening the belt, no. 32.

Tightening the belt, no. 32.

No, this blog isn’t about my new gym routine, although I have lost a few pounds already (not that you can tell). Nope, it’s about making way in our budget for FUDCon Toronto 2009 so that we can subsidize additional travel for community members.

Originally we planned to get some sort of lunch brought in on Saturday (the technical session day), Sunday, and Monday (the hackfest days). However, provisions aren’t that useful at a community conference unless you have people to share them with. ? So our plan is to eliminate lunch on Sunday and Monday, and use the money we’ll save to pay for some additional travel subsidies for volunteers. We’ll make this call on Monday, by which time we also hope to have some other loops closed relating to budget.

Things are really shaping up for a marvelous event in Toronto. We’re still two months away from the event and we have almost 70 people pre-registered to attend already! If you plan to attend, please visit the pre-registration area on the FUDCon Toronto 2009 wiki page and add your name.

And again, if you’re in the Boston or Westford, Massachusetts areas (or can get to either one, because you live there or it’s cheaper), you’re invited to ride the bus. There’s a separate sign up for the bus, so you’ll need to both pre-register and put your name on the bus riders list.

We also have a growing number of conference sessions and hackfests at FUDCon. Remember, the list you see on the wiki doesn’t represent everything that will happen there. Part of our conference sessions on Saturday will be BarCamp or “unconference” style, meaning much of that day’s schedule will be plumped up in the morning with proposals made the morning of the event! There will be plenty of sessions and opportunities to learn and work on fun and meaningful challenges, regardless of your interests or skill level.

Everyone is welcome at FUDCon, and remember that by pre-registering, you can secure a space at FUDPub and score some other cool free stuff.