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FUDBus update.

FUDBus update.

Update on the bus to FUDCon Toronto 2009:

  • The vendor we’re working with just purchased a coach for their fleet (only 200K miles, which in the travel industry is practically new) which is expected to arrive in their shop for inspection next week. The bus is a 36-seater, and includes an on-board restroom.
  • Once in their shop they will be doing the usual mechanical inspection and making sure the bus is in tip-top shape, repainting, etc. In addition, they will be retrofitting it with a step-up transformer and other gear to deliver AC power to each pair of seats and probably on-board wireless as well. (WOO!)
  • The bus will leave the morning of Dec. 4 from Boston’s Alewife T station at 9:00am, pick up in Westford at Red Hat at ~10:00am, and drive on to Toronto.  (It will depart Toronto on Dec. 8 from the hotel at 9:30am, and drop off in the expected, reverse order.)
  • If for some reason the new vehicle isn’t ready in time, they will substitute a 55-seat coach. There won’t be power or wifi in that case, but there will be a restroom. It’s unlikely we’ll need this Plan B, but it’s good to have one anyway.

We currently have 26 people signed up for the 36-seat bus, meaning that we’ll be closing the bus sign-up shortly! If you intend to go to FUDCon on the FUDBus and haven’t done so already, please visit the (FUD)wiki and do the (FUD)following:

And while you’re at it why not put a technical session on the list? Or a hackfest?

Remember that people outside the Fedora community will be reading these lists and using them to decide whether to come to FUDCon. The more we can show in advance what a worthwhile and valuable event this is, the more people will take advantage of the opportunity to learn about Fedora and free software.