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FUDCon status.

FUDCon status.

OK, this post obviously didn’t make it out of Australia before I did. It was a pretty grueling travel day, with a 13-hour flight from BNE to LAX, followed by Customs (a thankfully brief wait) and then a four-hour layover followed by another five-hour flight back to IAD, then home. It’s been a weekend partly spent in jet lag recovery, and partly in catching up to a few writing jobs I had left over from my week Down Under.

One of the things I wanted to mention was our FUDCon status.  Here are the high points, bulletized for easy reading:

  • We had over 130 people pre-registered, so we’ve placed a banner on the table and are continuing to pre-register more attendees. At last count it was 143, so it should be a pretty darn healthy event! Remember, anyone is welcome at FUDCon, and attendance is absolutely free, just like Fedora itself.
  • If you are riding the “FUDBus” from Boston/Westford to Toronto, remember that you will need a passport or other appropriate travel documentation to board the bus! We don’t want to have to leave anyone at the border so don’t forget your paperwork.
  • If you live in the Boston area, we need crash space! We have a number of people arriving in Boston on Thursday, the day before the FUDBus departs. And similarly many of them are departing Boston on Wednesday, the day after it arrives back in Boston. We need good-hearted community members and friends in the area who are willing to accommodate one or more people with crash space. If you have a room, a couch, or floor space to spare, please let us know by either emailing us (pfrields and mchua at fedoraproject dot org) or putting that information in the Comments section of your entry on the pre-registration wiki (if you’re going to FUDCon too).
  • We’ve made roommate assignments and sent email out to all the people for whom we’ve granted any subsidies. If you got a subsidy but didn’t hear from us already about roommates, let us know (again, see above for email).
  • We’ll be making a schedule shortly on the wiki for the technical sessions day. There will be space for our usual BarCamp organization in a number of rooms, as well as some pre-set tracks for various audiences. If you haven’t signed up to give a talk because you’re still thinking about it, don’t worry — there will still be pitches for BarCamp talks on Saturday morning as usual.

We continue to have weekly meetings for FUDCon at IRC Freenode, #fudcon-planning, and also use the mailing list for planning discussions. All are welcome!

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