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In just a few minutes, I’m leaving for the airport to catch a plane through Cincinnati to Toronto. I should touch down at YYZ at around 3:45pm, and hopefully I’ll be meeting some other Fedora friends at the airport and we’ll share a taxi to the hotel. Hopefully we should be there around 5:30pm. After checking in, I plan to get online at IRC Freenode, #fudcon channel, and remain there as often as possible (minus some dinner foraging). I’ll be in the hotel lobby to greet the FUDBus when it arrives.

Then I have to disappear with Mel Chua to round up on some details and strategery, and possibly sit down with Max and Greg for a bit if I’m needed.

When people check in, they should plan to pick up breakfast vouchers at the hotel desk. Those will be used in the morning. Breakfast will be served in the York Room of the hotel, where you’ll just write in your room number on the voucher to queue up.

FUDCon will begin promptly at 9:30am on Saturday morning at the Seneca @York site. All the details needed for arriving there are on the wiki — see you there!


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