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Swinging for the fences.

Swinging for the fences.

This review popped up on my scope today, and three things struck me immediately:

  1. The article has nice (and well-deserved) things to say not just about Fedora 12 (download it now) and its many cool features and usability, but specifically about our Fedora Documentation team, which has been working harder than ever to produce a comprehensive set of guides and manuals for use by people who are using Fedora. The involvement of Red Hat documentation principals, the recent re-licensing of Fedora content to CC BY-SA 3.0, and a number of other advances are possible only because of the dedication and hard work of these valuable people. Great work, folks.
  2. On the other hand, it mixes up the relationship with Red Hat Enterprise Linux by saying that Fedora “draws on the bigger Red Hat community for the latest improvements to the core operating system and support for key components like graphics cards and network hardware.” Actually, it’s exactly the other way around! Fedora’s community is enormous, and Fedora serves as an upstream that integrates the latest improvements in free software, some of which may later become part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux product.
  3. Batting .500 still gets you into the majors.