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Road dogging, no. 14.

Road dogging, no. 14.

In about an hour or so, I’ll be getting on the road for Red Hat HQ in Raleigh, to meet up with other Fedora contributors for the Events Fedora Activity Day. We have an agenda that includes planning Fedora events both at the macro and micro levels for this coming year, and hacking on some free tools that will allow us to better provide audio/video resources both for people who attend and those who can’t.

Connectivity will be good, but I might be a bit slower on email than usual because this is going to be a packed weekend. The success of a FAD comes from making the most of a number of contributors, gathered in one place to achieve specific goals. All of us who are coming for the event are looking forward to showing off that final set of deliverables at the end of the weekend.

If you want to be involved, but can’t be in Raleigh, you’re still welcome! Check out the notes on our wiki for information on how you can participate.

I’ll be returning home on Sunday night, but between now and then I plan to post some reports here on what’s happening at the FAD. Stay tuned.