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Musings on the muse.

Musings on the muse.

I’ve been writing so much this week it’s hard to believe my blog’s empty thus far. Surveys, email interview questions, internal stuff for Da Hat — but no blogging!

And of course I’m low on time for tonight, but I wanted to respond to Kevin’s post about what people love to do in Fedora. I have a short list of stuff that I love to do but for which I unfortunately don’t get us much time as in the past.

  • Writing and maintaining documentation on the wiki, website, and in formal guides. That’s how I started with Fedora and I still love to do it when I can.
  • Bumbling my way through PyGTK to learn more about GUI programming.
  • Meeting and talking to Fedora contributors at Fedora events. I wish there was a way for me to clone myself so I could be at more events and do this more often!

Thanks for the reminder that as we think about big-picture items, which people throughout the community ask for, we also should think about the small things as well. Good things come in small packages, including satisfaction from learning something new, or helping someone else out. What’s great about Fedora is there are plenty of ways for small and large scale work to make free software better for everyone.