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Denizen for a day.

Denizen for a day.

I flew up to Boston yesterday to be in Westford for a couple of days. As it turns out, John Poelstra is also in Westfrd this week for team meetings, so I met up with him and another coworker to ride out to Westford. I got to meet some other program managers from Red Hat’s Brno office last night for dinner which was a nice bonus.

This morning I took up residence at the “Paul Frields Memorial Desk,” which is normally traded off between visiting interns and Community Architecture team members. I’ll be working from here until Wednesday afternoon when I have to leave to catch my flight home.

There are many people to see here that I normally don’t catch face to face. So if you don’t see me on IRC as much over the next few days, don’t worry, I’m probably just having a chat with someone in person. And feel free to send me email if you need anything and can’t find me online.

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