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Great contributors, part 102.

Great contributors, part 102.

I wanted to give a special shout of thanks and gratitude to Sijis Aviles of Chicago, Illinois (USA) and Hiemanshu Sharma of Bangalore, India. They’ve been intimately involved with work on redesigning pieces of the Fedora websites. They’ve demonstrated an enormous amount of ambition, effort, persistence, elbow grease, patience, and just darn good spirits in helping out. Together and separately, they’ve done work on the Spins sites, other coding work for the redesign process, and general upkeep throughout the domain.

Thanks to both of you for being such great contributors to Fedora!

There are many stories in Fedora just like this one that deserve telling, but I had a few minutes to make an entry, and these two wonderful individuals just happened to be on my mind at the time. Who’s someone in Fedora on your mind today that you don’t think people hear enough about?

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