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FUDCon Tempe update.

FUDCon Tempe update.

We have a FUDCon Planning issue tracker (Trac) that will help the organizational team for FUDCon Tempe 2011 stay on top of their to-do items. We are using the Trac to track our normal meeting agenda, and the meetings for FUDCon Tempe are held (at least for now) on Mondays at 1900 UTC (3pm US/Eastern, 12pm US/Pacific) in IRC Freenode #fudcon-planning.

We will also be using the Trac to take funding requests for subsidizing people. We’re encouraging people to apply for subsidies if they need assistance to attend. We have a process for deciding on subsidy awards, and it’s documented on the wiki in the normal, transparent fashion.

If you already pre-registered on the wiki, and indicated you need some travel assistance, please fill out a ticket. That will really help us keep track of the requests, so thanks in advance. (Don’t worry, we’ll contact those folks by email too, to make sure we catch their attention.) You can find more information on the Trac wiki.

As part of my work helping the new FPL get situated, I’m helping with FUDCon planning for the next few months. Jared and I will also be teaming up to help the FUDCon Zurich team with their needs over the next few weeks until that event starts. We’re making sure to send a few engineers from Red Hat in the USA, and helping with some of the general bill-paying to keep things moving along.

By the way, if you’re in one of these regions, you definitely don’t want to miss a FUDCon event. Make sure you pre-register on the wiki and let us know you’re coming! Here are the links:

Remember that FUDCon is open to everyone to attend and there is no registration fee. Happy Monday everyone!