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OLF 2010, day 0.

OLF 2010, day 0.

I’m writing this from the Red Hat booth at Ohio Linux Fest 2010, which is bustling with visitors, so sorry if this is a little brief. For me Day 0 was yesterday (Friday). Some people, like Mel Chua, Ruth Suehle, and Robyn Bergeron, were here yesterday doing some awesome talks and generally spreading open source gospel here in Columbus, Ohio. Meanwhile, I drove about 2 hours to Baltimore, Maryland to catch my flight to the event. When I landed I met Brian Pepple at the world famous Cup O Joe stand, Spot landed soon after, and Brian took us to the hotel.

After a quick emergency email triage, we met up with everyone in the lobby. Several of us, including Robyn, Dave Nalley, and Mel, headed over to the speakers dinner where we proceeded to schmooze and enjoy a nice dinner. Meanwhile, Spot took a bunch of Fedora crew out for a nice sushi dinner (my dinner was good, but I missed out on the sushi, darn). Later, there was a spectacular party thanks to the wonderful folks at Nagios, who set everyone up with shirts, pizza, veggies, snacks, and drink tickets. You guys are fabulous, thanks!

Today, Spot, Ruth and I are pimping heavily at the Red Hat booth, while the Fedora Ambassadors — including of course the intrepid Ben Williams and son Jamie — are passing out loads of cool swag to the crowds around the Fedora booth, showing off the software, and generally being great . I’m going to go over my talk once more in a few minutes to make sure I’m prepared.


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