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Passing it on.

Passing it on.

Today I’m meeting a nice couple from up the road in Bristow to hand over our much loved minivan. I was never ashamed of being a minivan owner. We called it our “golden funk machine” because it was so often used in service of bringing asl the band gear to gigs.

In fact, I used to drive my parents’ when I was in high school. And even though my friends may not have admitted it, I think they liked it when I was the elected driver on a weekend out, because everyone would be comfortable for the ride.

We bought this van right after Evie was born, and it’s been a good car. It brought us on several happy family vacations and other adventures. I’m not feeling overly sentimental about letting it go, just appreciating that we got more than our money’s worth from that van. Hopefully we’ll be saying the same thing  some day about Golden Funk Machine II!