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This week in fast forward.

This week in fast forward.

I flew up to Red Hat’s office in Westford for the week to accomplish quite a large number of things, mainly a metric ton of meetings with my manager and a few other people around the department in relation to my new role at Red Hat. Therefore my schedule’s going to keep me quite out of touch throughout the week. Of course my email will work and I’ll be online quite a bit, but my appearances will be somewhat of the “jump on, jump off” variety.

I feel a little ashamed this is my first blog post in over a week — especially given the subject matter in my last post. Last week went by so fast my head was spinning by the end of it. (Fortunately that stopped before I went to skating lessons on Saturday morning.) I’ll try to write something substantive tomorrow, especially regarding some cool stuff we’ve been doing with Fedora Insight. I bought a bunch of Drupal books and have been trying to study up on this very cool framework, although this week will really put a crimp in my progress.

I did get to hunker down over a little work on the plane, and thanks to git I was able to contribute some work to the Websites team, and help them make the new website even more translatable by our translator teams around the world. Nice to be able to accomplish something that helps other people while I’m stuck in a flying metal tube!

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