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Holiday break 2011-2012.

Holiday break 2011-2012.

I’m not sure whether anyone still gives out (or even needs) these kinds of notifications, but I thought I would mention the upcoming holiday closing at Red Hat. Every year the company tries to make sure there are at least a few days employees can be gone and not worry about catching up to their co-workers when they come back. So for some time between about December 24 and January 1, the entire company is closed, except for a few essential personnel. (I think those people should definitely get special recognition!) This year, due to the days on which the holidays fall, the closing lasts from December 23 through January 2.

UPDATE: The above failed to mention that “essential” includes our entire awesome support organization, who remain on duty for our customers all the time!

The reason I’m posting about this isn’t to say how nice Red Hat is as a company (even though generally it is), or how much I like vacation time (even though I do). Rather, I wanted to make sure the Fedora community is aware that many Red Hat employees will probably take advantage of the holiday closing to visit family or take vacation to places without Internet access. As a result, some people might not be around as much as usual over the holidays. Personally, I’ll be around somewhat this year, because my family lives fairly close by and I have no long-term vacation scheduled. But I do intend to make some shorter, one-day family trips, so it will certainly be a reduced presence from usual.

My goal is for this advance notice to give you some time to figure out if you have any expectations for before the holidays, or work you want to reschedule for afterward instead, or perhaps you want to accomplish some things when fewer people are going to be distracting you! Whatever your goals, I hope the holiday season will bring you some time for them, and that you’ll enjoy 2012 all the more for it.

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