Linux, musical road-dogging, and daily life by Paul W. Frields 2014 begins! 2014 begins!

I’ve been at Red Hat’s Czech office in beautiful Brno this week. That means lots of meetings, lots of email and conversations, and lots of good beer. ? But the best part is this weekend’s big event, the Developer Conference event.

This is one of the biggest open source events in the region, and it’s all organized and held by developers and engineers, for developers and engineers. There are hundreds of people here from across the globe, including plenty of folks from Red Hat but also upstream and downstream contributors from many other companies and volunteers as well.

There is so much good content happening at this conference, I’m not sure how I’ll get to see even half of what I’d like to. But as we like to say, it’s a good problem to have. Stay tuned to the site for proceedings and links to recordings.