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Getting ready for Flock 2014.

Getting ready for Flock 2014.

If you’ve been reading the Planet Fedora feed lately, you probably know that we’re coming up to time for Flock 2014, a major Fedora conference for Fedora users and contributors from North America and EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa). Along with most of the Fedora Engineering team, I’m headed to Prague, Czech Republic for the event.

First, we’ll spend a couple days in the Red Hat Czech office in Brno. We are meeting with a number of colleagues from the office, both to brief them on work we’re doing, and to hear about their current projects and plans. This should help us have a more productive Flock as well.

It’s possible team members may be a little harder to instantaneously reach on Monday and Tuesday while we crunch on these meetups in Brno. At Flock, obviously things will be busy as well. But seeing many community members in one place will probably be quite helpful in getting things done. We’ll do our best as always to stay on top of community requests and input throughout.

Flock 2014 should be an exciting and fascinating conference, and I’m very much looking forward to it. I’m hoping to use the conference to jumpstart my knowledge on Docker, OStree, and some of the other awesome technologies going on in Fedora. And of course I’ll be thrilled to see old and new friends from around the community.

I’m writing this from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, getting ready for my next leg of travel to Prague. I’ll be catching a bus to Brno there to meet up with the team. On Tuesday night we’ll get back to Prague. We have a team event that night — so we’ll see everyone bright and early on Wednesday morning at the conference!

Stay tuned to the Planet feed for more information about Flock, so you can keep up with the news and proceedings from Prague.