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Congratulations to the Fedora community on F21.

Congratulations to the Fedora community on F21.

This release has been a long time coming. It has been about a year since F20 release, and the pause we took as a community to embark upon the first steps of I know many people have been anxious for the pause to be over. Finally the day has come and gone, and the release seems to be hitting on all cylinders!

I wanted to say thanks to the whole community that contributed to Fedora 21 release. It’s impossible to name everyone who helped, and if I leave someone out it might disappoint someone. So let me just say to everyone:


Now go get some Fedora 21 awesomeness.

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  1. Leslie Satenstein

    Congratulations Fedora21,

    It is the very best distribution todate — none better for the categories of server, cloud, workspace.

    It is a true system for we users who like FOSS software and who participate in FOSS.

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