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Fedora Engineering internships.

Fedora Engineering internships.

Each summer, Red Hat’s intern program brings in highly motivated and qualified students for a unique, enriching experience. Red Hat internships are demanding, challenging, and fun, just like our full-time jobs. They’re highly selective and (hopefully) highly rewarding for the participants. In the best cases, we find interns who are right for Red Hat, and we may look to hire them permanently after they leave school.

This year, the Fedora Engineering team has two summer intern positions open, and I wanted to make sure people in the community have seen them:

These internships expose students to Red Hat culture and give them opportunities to interact in person with other interns and Red Hat associates. For that reason, both internships are in the Westford, MA (USA) office. Being with other Red Hatters daily will help interns learn more about Red Hat as a company while they work on Fedora. (We may be flexible for a truly exceptional candidate.)

We’re still accepting applications, but we need to talk to specific candidates and make selections soon. So if one of these opportunities sounds like the perfect challenge, use the links above to get your application in before next week!


  1. Rajarama Shetty


    Good. I am a System Analyst using Fedora since Fedora Core 1 (Precisely RedHat Linux 7.3). Right now I am at Dr. M. V. Shetty Institute of Technology, Moodabidri, Karnataka, India.

    Since these Internship is useful for American students, it will be helpful for our students if one such programme is started by RedHat, India.

    Do you have such programmes at RedHat India ?

    I am struggling a lot to implement open source software in campus as people are not ready to migrate to linux platform.

    If possible it is better to have some workshops for Faculty as well students together or separately at campus by RedHat.

    Rajarama Shetty

  2. Hi Rajarama Shetty,

    We do have fedora events and internship programs in Red Hat India Bangalore office. Last saturday ( 10-Jan-2015) we conducted fedora 21 release party @ RH Bangalore office. You can find more details at // . We have interns doing their 6 months RH internship @ our bangalore office. We can conduct more events/meetups in your premises/campus or in some other venue about Fedora/Linux.

    Please connect me so that I can share more details.

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