Flock bus from Boston/Westford.

Are you (1) coming to Flock 2015; (2) located, or planning to be, in the Boston, MA or Westford, MA area; and (3) interested in taking a free, power and wifi-equipped bus if offered?

If so, then pre-register by 1900 UTC Friday, June 5, and make sure you indicate in your registration you are located in the Boston/Westford area. I’ll collect the final number of these signups on Friday afternoon US/Eastern time. We’ll use that number to determine whether or not it’s economical to book the bus.

The announcement about the bus will be made next week, so there will be plenty of time to make appropriate travel plans either way.

3 thoughts on “Flock bus from Boston/Westford.”

  1. What times and dates are you planning? I’m not in Boston but it would be cheaper to fly into Boston than Rodchester.

  2. @Nathaniel: unfortunately not, but if someone there was to arrange it, it could happen. @Jeff: I’ll post the itinerary on the page linked in this post.

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